<<love and other kind words>>

"allows her clients to be themselves"

Lyndsay is absolutely fabulous! This is the fifth time that we've had her do our pictures and we have been beyond thrilled with them each and every time. 

I love how she is able to capture personality and emotion so perfectly in her pictures, as they aren't staged or forced in anyway. She allows her clients to be themselves and do their own thing and the pictures she takes truly show that.

Our latest round of pictures with Lyndsay included the labour and deliverly of our daughter. I can't look at these pictures without becoming teary eyed - they are so beautiful! She also captured the following day when our boys met their baby sister for the first time. Priceless!

Thank you so much for all the beautiful memories you've captured for our family Lyndsay, can't wait to have you do our pictures again.

"fun but also professional"

I legitimately had no photography concerns, having worked with Lyndsay a few times before we knew what to expect as far as quality & professionalism and that she'd be super fun to work with.

Lyndsay listens really well to what the client wants and expects, she is very laid back and fun but also professional and not afraid to be honest about what is and not possible.

Our most memorable moment was having us take the final pictures of each other with the Polaroid camera!

"friendly and outgoing"

I found the whole thing memorable, it was the first time anybody has photographed me. You're super friendly and outgoing, you direct well and not in a condescending way. You are really personable and easy to get along with which made me feel comfortable.

"offered direction and was willing to demonstrate many of the poses"

I had never done a boudoir session before, and I was quite hesitant. Traditionally when I thought of boudoir I pictured high heels, fishnets, overdone makeup and air brushing. I was drawn to Lyndsay's work becuase it was the complete opposite of that. She creates images that showcase your radiant natural beauty.

I wanted photographs that honoured me as I am, my everyday beauty - the messy hair, little touch of makeup and my body that has carried three babies, and be proud of those little imperfections. 

Lyndsay's personality is warm and caring. She gave advice on outfit and accessory selections that would best suit my personality. She offered direction and was willing to demonstrate many of the poses for me. Her laid back approach and reassurance made me feel completley comfortable in front of the camera. I love that she was able to make me laugh and capture that carefree side of me.

My husband and I were blown away with the images! I would highly recommend Lyndsay to anyone who is looking for a non-traditional boudoir session that will leave you feeling beautiful and seductive.

"They just keep getting better"

Lyndsay has taken family pictures for me three times. They just keep getting better. I've loved her style (natural light, natural interactions with very light handed posing guidance) every time, but really appreciate that she's constantly working on new techniques. It makes for beautiful and interesting family photos.

She's fantastic at capturing my son's expressions. I'm so sad that we don't live in the same city anymore, she has set a high bar for family pictures.

"beautiful memories"

Lovely pictures. They bring back beautiful memories.

Thank you Lyndsay

"makes the experience of geting your photo taken enjoyable"

I didn't know anything about Lyndsay and just booked her because I felt her photos of her website were beautiful. I was nervous as we really wanted the photos to be awesome and the whole wedding day to be relaxed and fun. Lyndsay was the perfect fit for that!

Lyndsay is very friendly and relaxed and it makes the experience of getting your photo taken (which I don't particularly like) enjoyable. Her photos did not disappoint and they only problem I've had is picking "the best shots" to frame etc. because there are SO many awesome pictures!

"She captured our kids so perfectly"

Working with Lyndsay was really great. She was very accommodating with dates and rescheduling due to weather. She captured our kids so perfectly. She was so sweet with our daughter and took her off on her own to do "secret" photos.

We love the laid back approach because that is how we are as a family. It was so painless even my husband didn't complain once!

Thank you Lyndsay for the beautiful photos :)

"She's open to your ideas, but also has such a unique eye herself"

I've used Lyndsay for a few different shoots, most recently was my pregnancy photos. I had given her some ideas of what I was looking for and she totally ran with them and added her own amazing touch to them.

I got such beautiful artistic photos for my album of my first baby. She's so open to your ideas, but also has such a unique eye herself. She'll make you very comfortable, and I love that she's willing to travel and come to you.

"easy going and made my whole family comfortable"

Contacting Lyndsay for my family's lifestyle session was a lot easier than I thought it would be. She responded quickly, gave me all the information I needed and was immediately very personable.

I was concerned, at the time, about the weather interferring with the day I had chosen. She let me know that if something regarding the weather happened where we couldn't shoot, there would be no problem in re-booking.

During our session she was very easy going and made my whole family comfortable right away. I would absolutely recommend Lyndsay to a friend. We came away with so many beautiful photographs and got all the shots we anticipated and more. 

"Enthusiastic and happy attitude made us feel very comfortable"

Lyndsay was amazing to work with! I was initially worried because neither my husband or I particularly enjoy having our photo taken, but Lyndsay's enthusiastic and happy attitude made us feel very comfortable from the very start!

Having her take both our engagement and wedding photos really helped us get to know her and her style, and she provided just the right amount of guidance during the photoshoots.

We ordered a photobook and thank you cards from Lyndsay as well and they were beautifully produced. Lyndsay's dedication to and patience with her clients was really evident in all our interactions with her, which really helped lessen the stress of wedding planning.

"caught the moments brillantly"

The candid photos that Lyndsay shot at our Rehearsal Dinner truly captured all the love and special moments between our friends and family.

We knew we wanted the photos to be organic and focus on the authenticity of interactions throughout the evening; she undoubtedly caught the moments brillantly.

"She is fantastic with kids and makes it easy & comfortable to have your picture taken"

Lyndsay made my girls feel very comfortable and us as well. My husband and myself aren't really fans of getting our picture taken.

Our shoots have always been very casual...hang out, do our thing and Lyndsay catches those moments as they happen.

She is fantastic with kids and makes it easy & comfortable to have your picture taken. A photo shoot is fun with Lyndsay. We definitely won't be getting ours done anywhere else as the results speak for themselves and there's always an amazing selection of pictures once you're done.